Wednesday, 5 October 2011

End of story

Entry 7 scrap-booking

Additional information which is worth reading to conclude the topic of scrap-booking)

This is my last activity engagement. I hope you enjoyed reading about my feelings and experiences that this paper facilitated.

It was a Sunday when my daughter and I decided to scrapbook. We were excited to do this together, however we had to set the table and the equipment so that we could do his activity. Together we worked on and decided on the type of background that we used on the scrapbook page, and then we negotiated on the photos that we were using. 

As we were doing this, we departed to a past time the photos related to. It was a great opportunity to find out my daughter’s perception and feelings about the time we spent in Tauranga a few months ago. While she was shaping the corners of the photos, I was mainly playing the role of a facilitator. My daughter was complaining that the glue stuck to her finger, therefore, as a protective mother, I stepped in and helped her out by taking the photos out of her hands. Now I think back and I reflect on the fact that I should not be overly protective and change the environment for my daughter. This is because I can reduce the opportunities for her to deal with a variety of situations that could slow down her development. This makes me think whether it is ethical to interfere with someone’s opportunity to develop certain skills. 

The scrapbook started to look really good and we both had a good feeling about doing things together.


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  2. I don't think that you were being overprotective of your daughter as I think that it is motherly instinct to jump to your child's rescue once you see them struggling. What I have learnt here is that motherly love is always in full swing at all times regardless of what activities people are partaking. This should improve your mother/daughter bonding and create a good foundation for future activities together. Also, the one thing that I think this posting would benefit from is a photo of your daughter with the glue and photos stuck in her fingers.

  3. Hi Izabela, I believe as a practicing therapist you will sense the right amount of assistance and provide opportunities for your clients to develop or strengthen their skills depending on their abilities. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through your blogs and can appreciate what scrap booking provides you. Cara.

  4. Hi Izabela,

    Your blog has inspired me to start scrapbooking. It sounds like a great activity to do alongside children (even though they may get sticky glued fingers).

    It would be beneficial to the reader if you added more photos to your blog ... but other than that... GREAT JOB!!

    Thank you for the inspiration ;-)

  5. Hi, Godhelp, I should have taken a photo of my daughter as you suggested. I will do it next time that we scrap-booking. Thank you for your suggestion!

    Hi Cara, your comment is very positive and gives me the confidence that I need now (during exams, assignments). Thank you!

    Hi, Patrina, I am very happy that my blog inspires you. I hope that you will enjoy scrap-booking just as I do. In few weeks time I will organize a scrap-booking session at my place. I will invite you too. Thank you Patrina!