Sunday, 25 September 2011

Affordances continue

Entry 5 scrap-booking

When we talk about affordances, we think about how the activity can express beauty.

Scrap-booking is a creative activity, with a high potential to transmit not only a beautiful feeling, but also an attractive result. The completion of one page of scrap-booking takes about 3 hours. The time is distributed between choosing the photos, shaping them so that they can fit and tell the story, and decorating the collage with special sparkles, glitter or stickers. The results are always pleasant to look at and charming.

Unfortunately, my daughter’s cat went missing a while ago. Having photos of her in our scrapbook helps us feel connected with her, even though she is gone. Also, most of our family lives in Romania. We can show photos of them to our friends, giving them a good insight about our spiritual connections. It also keeps us united with our home land and roots.

More recently, I came home one day to find a scrapbook page made for me by my daughter. She expressed her love for me by choosing meaningful photos, and also a little poem written on the page:
“For my mum, from Andrada:
I love you,
I did this when you were at work.

This will always be a heart-warming memory, just like every page that reminds us of our family.

Scrap-booking does not have very strong or well-set physical requirement. The most important are the fine motor skills that help organising the work so that the end result is tidy and up to my expectations.


  1. HI Izabela..I agree with you that scrapbook is a creative activity that transmits beautiful feelings and brings out an attractive result. May i also add about the memories that had been gone long ago can be brought back at an instant by just looking at the photos compiled together..Keep it going and hope your daughter is relieved to see pictures of her lovely pet that was missing... happy scrapbooking!

  2. Hi there, I agree that scrapbooking is an art, it portays feeling, emotions, and can depict a sense of who we are as a person not just a human being.

  3. Hi Jean, I am happy that you have same beliefs re scrap-booking. You may be enjoying this activity as well? My daughter enjoys the photos and idea of scrap-booking! Thanks :-)

    Hi Lisa, I think that you are a creator as well, because we share the same feeling re- craft in general. Thanks Lisa