Sunday, 25 September 2011

Ergonomics and ambiance

Entry 2 Srap-booking

Ergonomics in this context is not only a physical fit but is a fit between a person, occupation and environment. To understand ergonomics one needs the ability to “constantly make slight invisible adjustments to an activity to adapt to the needs of those taking part and ensure that it continues to work for its intended purpose” (Caulton and Dickson, 2007). This reference helped me to think about and understand on a deeper level how I adjusted the environment to suit my creative mood and activity. 

Just before I started writing this post I was determined to create a scrapbook page of memories from when my father visited from Romania. I noticed that I was missing some important tools that would help me accomplish this creation. This made me feel a little bit worried but I decided to go shopping. I felt very excited when I went to the store to curiously pick out the required tools. I had so many things to choose from but I was challenged because I also had to keep in mind that I was on a budget. For help I related to my past experience, the first time that I did scrapbooking in Tauranga. 

Once I got home and unpacked my bags I eagerly prepared my work desk. I had to turn on the light which gave me a sense of warmth. The ambiance was completed by the relaxing songs of Enigma playing softly in the background. It was nice smelling the glue and stationery. The floral patterns and colourful design of the paper used was reminding me of spring.

After a short tea break, I am sitting at my work station and with the feel of a burst of positive energy I am looking at the photos. All these changes helped me achieve my goal and made the activity meaningful.  Accomplishment and pride make me smile. Now that I have adjusted the environment to match the activity of scrapbooking, I am feeling creative and happy to have fulfilled today’s goal.

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